Construction of street Industriska in M.Kamenica

Investor: Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica.
Time of construction: year 2016.
Contract value: 13.500.000,00 denars with VAT.


Lenght: 420 m.
Excavation: 1.420 m3.
Buffer layer: 800 m3.
Concrete in Retaining Walls: 270 m3.
Concrete in Slab Gap: 50 m3.
Reinforcement: 13.500 kg.
Atmospheric sewage: 250 m2.
Pavement from paver elements: 722 m2.
Concrete curbs: 808 m
Asphalted surface: 2.318 m2.

Industriska, Kochani 2300
Monday - Saturday: 7:00-18:00
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