About Us

STOIMENOV DOOEL is a company that successfully operates and has existed for more than 30 years on the Macedonian market. It was founded back in 1992 in Kochani, with the primary goal of building infrastructure and civil engineering structures.

The first objects in our portfolio were telecommunication networks in almost all settlements in the Eastern part of Macedonia, which we performed from the very beginning until 2005. With the development of the country at that time and the increased construction of local, regional roads and streets, asphalting equipment was procured, which makes us the first private company from the eastern part that owns asphalting equipment. The successful management and governance of the company, which is based on following all the flows, developments and needs of our partners, has contributed to the development, expansion and improvement of the services and products we offer.

Our goal for the future

Our main goal for the future is to closely monitor the development of our partners and to respond to their requests at all times, in a timely and professional manner. We pay great attention to nature conservation, we will continue to invest in the latest technologies of low-emission construction machines, we apply new technologies and building materials that improve the quality of construction and speed up the construction process. We remain loyal to our partners and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Industriska, Kochani 2300
Monday - Saturday: 7:00-18:00
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